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[Fwd: 3D STEREO movies]


You may find these links to be of interest.


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Subject: 3D STEREO movies
Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 16:57:15 -0400
From: Therese Kucera <therese.a.kucera@nasa.gov>
Reply-To: Therese Kucera <therese.a.kucera@nasa.gov>
To: stereo-swg@listserv.gsfc.nasa.gov

Hi all.

I'd like to point STEREO Science Team Members to a collection of high
resolution SECCHI/EUVI 3D movies. I know some of you want to show STEREO
3D movies for events coming up in June.

The movies include red/cyan anaglyphs and left/right pairs. They are
from the batch the Eric DeJong & co. put together for the April press

There are instructions for downloading the high definition frames at the
bottom of this page:

We are trying to collect sample STEREO 3D images and links to the other
public sites showing them at

Volker Bothmer and Thomas Kraupe are working on a 3D STEREO web site for
European museums though the Hamburg Planetarium. That should be up
within a few weeks.  The NASA Museum Alliance also has a STEREO 3D site
targeting US museums.



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