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Re: Fwd: solar-b diffraction

Dear Kano-san,

The diffraction pattern calculated by Paul Reid was intended for comparison
with the patterns we see when there is a very bright source in the images, in
particular when the source is out of the field and we see the patterns coming
into the fainter areas of the image. He provided that in response to a question
you asked a few months ago. In fact, this is not the PRF, but it is instead the
effect due to diffraction from the various apertures and masks. It is a very faint
pattern, since this telescope has extremely low scattering, and he was able to
make it visible only by showing a difference image with and without the apertures
and masks.


Kano Ryouhei wrote:
> Dear Deluca san and Golub san
> Thank you for your information on the X-ray aperture.  I have not yet
> fully understand the mask pattern which Golub san forwarded to me. But 
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