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Re: [xrt_co:03548] xrt_co: - Fwd: Publications submitted in the last three months

Dear all, 
For some reason this list does not include any papers in PASJ. Please let me know the references for these papers.

Dr. Jonathan Cirtain (MSFC-VP62)
Hinode Deputy Project Scientist
phone: (256)961-7829
cell:      (256)975-4405

On Jan 25, 2008, at 2:11 PM, Ed Deluca wrote:


  Attached is a list of articles and pre-prints that include Hinode & 
XRT in the abstract.

If you have a publication (published or in-press) that is not on this 
list please send
me the reference.

  If you have submitted an article for publication that is not yet 
accepted it will
not be on this list - please send that information to me as well.