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[xrt_co:00000] request for adding a new user

Hello Sakao-san and Ed-san:

Could you add a new user, Dr. Jin-Yi Lee (jylee@cora.nwra.com),
to xrt-co and xrt-science lists? She will be working on Hinode
XRT science and CO tasks with KD and me at NWRA/CoRA.

Thanks in advance,


"Bish" K. Ishibashi, Ph.D.

NorthWest Research Associates, Inc.       e bish@cora.nwra.com
CoRA Division                             w 303-415-9701 x241
3380 Mitchell Lane                        f 303-415-9702
Boulder, CO 80303
U.S.A.                                    h www.cora.nwra.com/~bish