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Fwd:[xrt_co:00000] deriving spectra of hot unresolved plasma

Hello, XRT_Science list

Dr. Ishibashi sent a message, but it bounced because it contained an  
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Begin forwarded message:

> Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 09:35:26 -0700 (MST)
> Subject: [xrt_co:00000] deriving spectra of hot unresolved plasma
> From: bish@cora.nwra.com
> To: xrt_co@solar.isas.jaxa.jp, xrt_science@head.cfa.harvard.edu
> Cc: hirohisa.hara@nao.ac.jp
> Hello XRTCOs:
> With help of XRTCO Minoshima-san, I implemented
> an intensive observing program to measure spectral
> energy distribution of hot unresolved plasma in
> the quiet sun condition. In short, the program was
> a modest success and it resulted in the spectra
> that supported the idea that these unresolved
> features in med-be images were very likely hot.
> This finding also supports my earlier study on hot
> unresolved media via a special filter-ratio method.
> Since I've done this study without written consent,
> I figure I should produce at least a "report" to show
> that the study resulted in a fruitful outcome. Please
> read on the pdf document attached to this mail if you
> would like...
> ...and I still have some work to do. A better handle on
> split-event would be the most crucial step to be taken
> (Hara-san, let's talk again). In any case, I am more
> and more convinced that these "hot" unresolved media
> seen in med-Be/Al images are indeed hot. And with this
> result, I am finally confident to publish the result.
> Regards,
> Bish
> PS. if you have a question on the report, feel free to
>     give me a holler.
> PS2. If I had time, I would have come up with a similar
>     study on that hot "AR" near NE limb on Nov 26th.
>     That "remnant" region is unusually hot.