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xrt_co: - XRT team/science meeting


  In discussions with the J-side, we think that it would be useful to  
have an
XRT team science meeting sometime in late May, in Hawaii.

My agenda items are:

Engineering, Technical, & Operations (1-day, all presentations to be  
distributed 2-weeks
before the meeting, assignments for presentations will be made by the  
end of January)
(0) Operations during the extended mission phase
       (NASA's extended mission begins FY2010)
(1) Calibration
(2) Data distribution
(3) Software status and distribution
(4) COT - transition to a final version
(5) Anomaly Status
	Filter wheels
	Thermal Model
(6) Trend analysis

Science & EPO (2-days, SOT, EIS, STEREO participation by invitation)
(0) Identify the outstanding science questions for XRT as we approach  
solar max.
(1) Active Region studies
(2) Flare studies
(3) Jet studies
(4) Filament studies
(5) Outreach - what has worked, what can we do better

Thoughts on constraints:
Limit attendance to ~50 people.
Meeting duration 3-days, one day of engineering.., 2-days of science

Location: either Oahu or Maui - SAO will look at meeting space/room  

Dates: 20-22 May or 25-27 May

LOC - DeLuca
TOC (technical meeting organizing committee) - TBD please send  
SOC - TBD - please send suggestions.

Major XRT institutions: JAXA, NAOJ, SAO, MSU, NWRA, UNH, MSFC,  
Palermo please
give an estimate of number of attendees from your group.


       Dr. Edward E. DeLuca           Smithsonian Astrophysical  
       edeluca@cfa.harvard.edu     MS 58
Office 617 496 7725                     60 Garden Street
Fax     617 496 7577                     Cambridge, MA  02138
Cell    508 728 5424                     USA