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xrt_co: Note about XRT flare mode keywords

Dear users of XRT,

XRT image headers have a keyword, 'FLFLG' which indicates if the XRT  
flare flag has been set.  The FLFLG keyword tells you if the XRT flare  
flag tripped but it does not tell you if XRT responded to the flare  
flag.   As of reformatter version 1.52, beginning with images from  
about 2010/08/10 07:59, we have also added a new keyword, OBS_MODE, in  
order to indicate if XRT is running a flare mode program or a normal  
(quiet) mode program.  This keyword is set to 'QT' if XRT is running a  
normal mode program and 'FL' if XRT is running in flare mode.

The OBS_MODE keyword does not exist in images processed before  
2010/08/10, and the FLFLG keyword was not set correctly during a flare  
trigger in these prior images as well.  We are working to update the  
XRT back catalog with correct information.  In the meantime, the times  
when the XRT flare flag tripped, and information about whether or not  
XRT responded, can be found here:  http://xrt.cfa.harvard.edu/missionops/flare_trigger_list/xrt_flare_flags.txt 

Please send any questions or concerns to xrt_manager@head.cfa.harvard.edu 


Kathy Reeves
XRT Project Scientist

Dr. Katharine Reeves
617-496-7563 (phone)
617-496-7577 (fax)
Solar and Stellar X-ray Group
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics