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Re: XRT/CCD bias and dark

Hi Ed:

Ed Deluca wrote:
>  There is some discussion on pg 2-24 of the Blue Book (XRT section)
> a PDF copy is available at:
> http://xrt.cfa.harvard.edu/resources/documents/

I am actually hoping to see a document that examines
the level of bias and dark current in flight. Esp.
dark seems to vary a bit with a slight change in CCD
temperature (I'm looking at CCD_TMPC keyword value).

>  Steve Saar has looked at structures in the dark images and his code to
> remove those is in the XRT_PREP routine.

It'd be really nice to have a *brief* written document
on the logic of dark subtraction applied into xrt_prep.

>  There is also a "grey book" on the CCD that I have only seen in hardcopy,
> maybe Kano has an extra copy available. I think the Blue Book text is from
> the grey book.

It'd be nice to make available on line, too.
I'll ping Kano-san about it.



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