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Fwd: [xrt_co:06725] software to estimate the contaminant on CCD (xrt_co:)

Hello, XRT community.

As was announced in October, we have new calibrations, which may be  
accessed by using <make_xrt_wave_resp.pro> and  
<make_xrt_temp_resp.pro>. One of the new features is that the XRT  
Team has calibrated for a constantly changing layer of contamination  
on the CCD. (This is dealt with according to the "contam_xxx"  
keywords in <make_xrt_wave_resp.pro>. See the program header for more  

The contamination subroutines have been recently (in December)  
upgraded, so now you may correct data up to November 2008. From now  
on, we will update the calibrations about once per month (after CCD  
bakeouts). This should be transparent to users. However, please note  
that the corrections are prepared once every bakeout period. Data  
taken since the most recent bakeout will not be correctible until the  
following bakeout period.

The new software should propagate through SolarSoft by the end of the  

If you have problems with the software, please send them to:
xrt_manager ~at~ head.cfa.harvard.edu

Also, please remember that the purpose of the XRT_Users list is for  
the community to help each other when you have questions.

--Mark Weber