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New update to <xrt_prep.pro> and related programs

dear friends of Hinode XRT,

We have just released a new upgrade to the basic XRT calibration
program <xrt_prep.pro>.  (It should appear in the SSW tree in the next
few days.)  The new version allows the user without a
local XRT data archive to setup automatic copying over the web of
darks required for the best (default) dark subtraction.  The new
version also reduces error messages when files are not found, and
uses 512x2048 "strip darks" to approximate 2048x2048 darks in the
calibration for more recent 1x1 binned data (as 2048x2048 1x1 binned
darks are now rare due to telemetry issues).  See the program headers
for more details.

Comments, feedback, and bug reports regarding these routines may be
directed to this email address: xrt_manager@head.cfa.harvard.edu