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xrt_co: New XRT calibration released

Dear Friends of XRT,

The XRT team has produced and released a substantial upgrade to the  
analysis software. This new release contains code that corrects for  
time dependent contamination of the XRT analysis filters and adjusts  
filter thicknesses to be consistent with the thorough analysis done by  
Narukage et al (2010 Solar Physics, submitted). New tools for  
temperature and emission measure analysis are also included in this  
software release.  Extensive documentation of these routines are  
contained in the program header information and descriptions of many  
of the XRT analysis tools are given in the XRT Analysis Guide (found  
at http://xrt.cfa.harvard.edu/resources/documents/XAG/XAG.pdf). All of  
the new software and associated data base files have been upload to  
the SolarSoftWare distributions site. Users of XRT data should be sure  
that their SSW IDL libraries are up to date.

Please send questions and report any bugs to xrt_manger [at]  

Note that the changes may take a day or two to percolate through  


Kathy Reeves
XRT Project Scientist

Dr. Katharine Reeves
617-496-7563 (phone)
617-496-7577 (fax)
Solar and Stellar X-ray Group
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics