2014 Eclipse Season FW1 Schedule

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SunMonTueWedThuFriSatPerson at ISASBackup travel personWho is CO?
272829301-May23  Testa -> Takeda
45678910  Takeda -> Sakao
11121314151617  Sakao -> Savcheva
18192021222324TestaMcCauley+Weber; ReevesSavcheva -> Ishibashi
25262728293031McKenzieReeves; Testa; McCauley+WeberIshibashi -> Shimojo
1-Jun234567Reeves Shimojo -> Ishikawa
891011121314McCauley+DelucaReeves; McKenzieIshikawa -> Jibben
15161718192021TestaReeves; McCauley+DelucaJibben -> McCauley
22232425262728NONE McCauley -> Matsumoto/Shimojo
29301-Jul2345McCauley+DelucaReeves; McKenzieMatsumoto/Shimojo -> Sakao
6789101112McKenzieMcCauley+Deluca; ReevesSakao -> Iwai
13141516171819McKenzieMcCauley+Deluca; ReevesIwai -> Schanche
20212223242526ReevesMcCauley+Deluca; McKenzieSchanche -> Takeda
27282930311-Aug2Reeves Takeda -> Shimojo
3456789McKenzie Shimojo -> Jibben
Updated 09-June-2014 Explanation: The dates in GREEN are days when its okay to move FW1. The dates in RED are days when we should not move FW1, because no one will be available to travel to ISAS for recovery. The YELLOW dates are transition days, when the FW1 rule changes between Yes/No for the new Command Plan timeline. The column "Person at ISAS" lists the U-side CO who should plan to be at ISAS for recovery during that week. The column "Backup travel person" lists people who are also available for travel, if conflicts arise. Note that travel is expected to begin ~9 days after the initial FW1 loss-of-position, so we have time for discussion before buying plane tickets--this list should not be considered to be concrete or definitive.