XRT HOWTO --- Install COT on the "xrtco" workstation

KKR; 2010-July-15


SAO is responsible for maintaining the COT planning software. When a new "production" version becomes available, a master build for the Linux platform is created, and needs to be compiled on "xrtco" at ISAS. This HOWTO outlines how to compile the binaries to "xrtco".


Just do the following steps:
  1. Go to the COT packages website: http://xrt.cfa.harvard.edu/missionops/restricted/cot_pkgs/
  2. Click the link for "Scientific Linux" under the heading "For Current Operations." This will download a .tar.gz file to your web downloads directory.
  3. Move the .tar.gz file to the ~/Chief-Observer-Tool/ directory.
  4. Use the command tar xvfz filename to untar and ungzip the downloaded file.
  5. cd into the new directory (called COTSource*). There will be two subdirectories - COT/ and COTBugReporter.
  6. cd into the COT/ directory.
  7. Type qmake.
  8. Type make. The executable COT will now exist in this folder.
  9. After the make process finishes, type make clean to clean up.
  10. Make a new folder in ~/Chief-Observer-Tool called COT2xNN, where NN is the new version number.
  11. Copy the COT executable and the Docs/ folder from the COTSource*/COT/ directory to the new COT2xNN directory.
  12. Repeat steps 6-9 in the COTSource*/COTBugReporter/ directory to compile the COTBugReporter application.
  13. Copy the COTBugReporter executable from the COTSource*/COTBugReporter/ directory to the new COT2xNN directory.