XRT HOWTO --- Ship archive disks to NWRA

M. Weber; 2007-Aug-10


This task should be performed once every week at SAO. It isn't too important which day of the week, as long as it gets done every week. There are 2 each of these drives and pelican boxes, and NWRA will return ship them to Weber.


    From: mweber AT cfa.harvard.edu
    Subject: Shipping FedEx for XRT hard drives.
    Date: March 26, 2007 2:23:47 PM EDT
    To: mdillon AT cfa.harvard.edu


    UserID = (ask Weber)
    Password = (ask Weber)
    Question = (ask Weber)
    Answer = (ask Weber)
    First Name = Solarb
    Last name = Ssxg
    Company = Smithsonian Astrophysical Obs
    Country = USA
    ZIP = 02138
    Address = 60 Garden Street
    City = Cambridge
    State = MA
    Email = xrt_manager AT head.cfa.harvard.edu
    Phone = xxxxxxxxxx

    FedEX Account = xxxxxxxxx


    Bish Ishibashi
    CoRA / NWRA
    3380 Mitchell Ln.
    Boulder, CO 80301

    (xxx) xxx-xxxx


    "Standard Overnight"
    "Your Packaging"
    Declared value = $0.00
    1 package
    10 lbs


    Sender email = xrt_manager AT head.cfa.harvard.edu
    Recipient email = bish AT cora.nwra.com
    (all 3 email notifications for both)
    Ship date = tomorrow