XRT HOWTO --- Manually update the Synoptics webpages

M. Weber; 2007-Nov-06
M. Weber; 2008-Feb-22; Added date input for mk_latest.

The SAO XRT website has some Synoptics webpages that should be updated daily. Currently (Nov.2007), this is done manually. (We hope to make it a cronjob, eventually.) This page describes how to do the daily updates. There are some extra steps that must be taken at the monthly rollover, but that is not documented here.


For the daily updates, there are three things that must happen. (1) Synoptics must be created from the QuickLook data. (2) The "Latest Images" webpage must be updated. (3) The "Synoptics" archive webpage must be updated. Each of these steps is done with an IDL routine.


  1. Create synoptics.
    1. Login as "xrt_proc".
      • Unix> ssh machida
      • you_on_Machida> cd /data/solarb/XRT/syn_pro/
      • you_on_Machida> su xrt_proc
    2. Establish the time range over which you need to create the new synoptics. Look in the synoptics/ directory to find the previously created synoptics. Look in the QuickLook archive to find the most recent QuickLooks that are available to you.
      • xrt_proc_on_Machida> ls ../web/htdocs/data/synoptics/ (Set your start time t0 a few minutes after the previous synoptics.)
      • xrt_proc_on_Machida> ls /archive/hinode/xrt/QuickLook/YYYY/MM/DD/ (Set your finish time t1 a couple of hours after the latest QL data.)
    3. Run the IDL program. This may take about 10-60 minutes per day of data that you are processing. Work on something else for a little while. When it finishes, you should see new synoptics in this directory: /data/solarb/XRT/web/htdocs/data/synoptics/ .
      • xrt_proc_on_Machida> sswidl
      • IDL> t0 = (your start time)
      • IDL> t1 = (your finish time)
      • IDL> mk_xrt_synoptic, t0, t1, /QuickLook
    4. Finish this section.
      • IDL> exit
      • xrt_proc_on_Machida> exit
      • Now you should be yourself on Machida.

  2. Update the "Latest Images" webpage.
    1. Login as "solarb".
      • you_on_Machida> su solarb
      • solarb_on_Machida> sswidl
    2. Run the IDL program. Be sure to supply the current date you are working on (so it knows to make a page even if no synoptic data is available). This should be nearly instantaneous. When it finishes, the "Latest Images" webpage will have been updated: http://xrt.cfa.harvard.edu/data/latestimg.php .
      • IDL> mk_latest, YYYYMMDD
    3. Finish this section. Stay in IDL for the next part.

  3. Update the "Synoptics" webpage.
    1. Run the IDL program. This should take ~ 10-30 seconds to take effect. When it finishes, the "Synoptics" webpage will have been updated: http://xrt.cfa.harvard.edu/data/synoptics.php .
      • IDL> mk_synpage
    2. Finish this section.
      • IDL> exit
      • solarb_on_Machida> exit
      • you_on_Machida> exit
      • Now you should be yourself on the system you originally started on.