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2009 September 03

AR #10978 (click on image to see movie)
In preparation for the approaching return of activity we recall what active regions (ARs) looked like in the x-ray wavelengths. This sequence of images from the 10-12 of December, 2007, shows a medium size AR in a phase of moderate growth. It is observed at a cadence of roughly 1 minute and exposure time of one quarter second. There are a total of 2000 frames. The movie shows the twisted and tangled magnetic structure of the AR in the corona. The numerous small loop brightenings are the results from the relaxations of magnetic stresses. These loop brightenings range from small point like events through transient loop brightenings to even larger topological rearrangements possibly representing the effect of quasi separatrix layers (QSLs).

Keywords: AR Tracking, Microflares
Filters: C_poly

(Prepared by Alec Engell)

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