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2009 September 15

Small eruptive event with coronal dimming (click on image to see movie)
XRT observed a small eruptive event on the active region NOAA 11025 in 2009/09/05. Though the event showed a clear "explosion" around 8:17 UT, GOES did not detect any clear enhancement in Soft X-ray flux. At the last phase of the event, a dimming area appeared in the north part of the active region (Red circle in the above figure. Please note that the brighter area in SXR looks darker in the figure). It is interesting that "coronal dimming" appeared even in the small event.

The size of the above image is about 400 arcsec sq. The faint structures are enhanced in the right half of the movie, so that the dimming area can be seen clearly.

Keywords: Flare, CME
Filters: Al_poly

(Prepared by K. Yoshimura)

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