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2012 March 27

Click for QuickTime movie. Also available on YouTube

Possible Slip-Running Reconnection on 2012/03/25

Though the Sun has been relatively quiet over the past few days, XRT was fortunate enough to catch this interesting event that occurred two days ago in NOAA active region 11445. The appearance of helical motion on the right side of the animation is likely not motion at all, but rather a series of magnetic reconnection events. Each reconnection heats an adjacent loop, initiating a cascade of loop brightenings that then creates the illusion of one twisting structure. This type of event is sometimes called slip-running reconnection and has been featured in at least one previous XPOW. Also visible on the left side of the frame is some low-level flaring activity, which will hopefully increase in the coming days!

Filters: Ti_poly

(Prepared by Patrick McCauley)

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