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2012 June 07

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The Transit of Venus

The sun and I are face to face;
He glares at me, I stare at him;
And lo! my straining eye has found
A little spot that, black and round,
Lies near the crimsoned fire-orb's rim.
O blessed, beauteous evening star,
Well named for her whom earth adores,—

A black, round spot,—and that is all;
And such a speck our earth would be
If he who looks upon the stars
Through the red atmosphere of Mars
Could see our little creeping ball
Across the disk of crimson crawl
As I our sister planet see.

Excerpt from
"The Flâneur: Boston Common, During the Transit of Venus"
by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (1882)

Learn more:
Hinode @ NASA
Solar Dynamics Observatory

Keywords: Transit, Eclipse
Filters: Ti_poly

(Prepared by Patrick McCauley)

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