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2012 November 21

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Rolling Void in AR 11563

The animation above spans about an hour and shows some interesting activity from AR 11563 that occurred back in September. After a C-flare and minor eruption that happened about 30 minutes prior, a void of emission appears to roll overtop of the underlying loops as it's pinched off between arcades above and below. The thin beryllium filter is used here, showing plasma around 8 million Kelvin. A movie displaying the AIA 335 Å emission overlaid atop the 304 Å images is available here. Red colors indicate the much cooler 304 emission (~50 thousand Kelvin), and blue colors show the hotter 335 channel (~2.5 million Kelvin). It's a bit hard to spot, but the presence of the void in these AIA observations indicates that there is an actual rarefaction of material in this region, rather than the void being filled with cool, dense plasma that would not be detected by XRT and might have been absorbing x-rays emitted from below. The movie linked to the animation spans 3.5 days and includes a number of fun features, such as a large jet around 14:00 UT on the 11th and likely flux emergence around 21:49 on the 9th.

Keywords: Limb, AR Tracking
Filters: Be_thin

(Prepared by Patrick McCauley)

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