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XRT Picture of the Week (XPOW)

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2012 December 17

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Long-Duration B-Flare from AR 11598

Here's a nice event from Active Region 11598 that was observed on October 30th. This was a rather productive region, having produced a major x-class flare one week prior to these images. The flare shown here was far less energetic, registering at B8.4 on the GOES scale, but it unfolded over a much longer time span and allowed plenty of time for XRT's flare mode to kick in. This gave us about 15 minutes of high-cadence images after 01:20 UT. During this time, we see the field being reconfigured through a probable series of magnetic reconnection events, which release energy when magnetic field lines are forced together.

Keywords: Flare, Loop Expansion
Filters: Be_thin

(Prepared by Patrick McCauley)

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