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2013 January 16

Mouse over for the view from 5 years ago. Click for full size.

Fifteen Active Regions in One Image

We've come into the maximum phase of solar cycle 24 and the Sun is showing it. This inverted-color image shows 14 distinct active regions named by NOAA and another one rotating over the limb. The complex in the upper middle (ARs 11654 & 11652) has been particularly active, with four M-class flares and many smaller ones over the last few days. Mouse over the image to see what the Sun looked like using this filter 5 years ago during the last solar minimum. What a difference! See this previous XPOW for a long-duration movie that strings together over 5 years of similar images using a different filter.

Keywords: Full Disk, Solar Cycle
Filters: Be_thin

(Prepared by Patrick McCauley)

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