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2013 September 18

Click either animation for a larger field-of-view movie.

Slow CME with Supra-Arcade Downflows

Here we have a slow-rise coronal mass ejection (CME) that unfolded over about 6 hours on September 9th. The left panel shows XRT's view through its thin beryllium filter, which was taken with a large field-of-view every 20 minutes to give us some large-scale context. The right panel displays thinner filter observations (sensitive to somewhat cooler temperatures) that were taken every 2 minutes. This animation shows just the last third of the total time range, during which time we're treated with a very nice example of supra-arcade downflows. These are sunward propagating plasma voids that often appear after eruptions. Click here for links to previous downflow XPOWs.

Keywords: CME, Downflows, Post-Flare Loops
Filters: Be_thin, C_poly

(Prepared by Patrick McCauley)

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