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2014 January 17

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Polar Aurora

In December of 2006, XRT was tracking AR 10930, the only active region visible on the sun. During this time, full disk, thin beryllium images were taken every hour for several days. This filter only sees the hotter coronal plasmas (4-10M Kelvin) so the sun appears mostly dark except around active regions. AR 10930 produced several flares (see XRT's flare catalog) and we expected to see loops brightening all around the active region. But near the end of the movie, bright loops and wisps appear at the south pole for a few hours. This sudden appearance of hot material near the poles could be caused by one of the many solar flares that AR 10930 produced.

Keywords: Full Disk, Quiet Sun, Pole
Filters: Be_thin

(Prepared by Patricia Jibben)

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