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2014 July 14

Click for longer movie (left) and higher resolution (right). Also available on YouTube.

Coronal Mass Ejection on April 4th, 2014

The movie on the left shows XRT's observations of a C8.3 flare in Active Region 12027 on April 4th, 2014. When the flare begins, the overlying loops in the upper-left can be seen opening up as plasma streams off in that direction. This material forms a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), a large parcel of plasma that escapes the Sun. The panel on the right shows the CME farther from the Sun in the LASCO coronagraph instrument (red). A small brightening in the upper-left of the AIA/335 image (blue) corresponds to the flare seen by XRT.

Keywords: Flare, CME
Filters: Be_thin, Be_med, AIA/335, LASCO/C2

(Prepared by Patrick McCauley)

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