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2014 August 27

Click for movie. Also available on YouTube.

X-Ray Jets in AR 12149

Active Region 12149 has been particularly active over the last week, producing more than 35 C-class flares so far. XRT observed several nice jets from this region between 01:20 and 06:18 UT on the 24th. The blue boxes in the image above show 4 jets at times indicated by the titles. Click the image for a movie that shows XRT observations in two filters (Be-thin and Al-poly) along with corresponding binary difference images that show just the active pixels to better see the jets. These jets are likely caused by magnetic reconnection between the overlying loop system and new loops emerging from below. A schematic of this model can be found here.

Keywords: Jet, AR Tracking
Filters: Be_thin, Al_poly

(Prepared by Nobuharu Sako)

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