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2014 November 13

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Sleepy Active Region Wakes Up

The sleepy little active region, AR12178, quietly made its way across the solar disk from 27 September to 9 October 2014. Hinode tracked it, watching, as it quietly relaxed and reoriented its magnetic configuration. This movie was taken as the region approached the western limb on October 8th. The active region is barely seen as a fuzzy little patch near the center of the image. But, it is an active region, and it eventually perks up. What was once a fuzzy patch, quickly brightens and expands to form high loops. Near the end of the movie, at 16:42:53UT, an X can be seen, possibly indicating magnetic reconnection. Play the movie a few times and you will begin to see interesting dark bands, rolling motions, and you may even notice the active region behind it dimmed during the one hour long movie. Little active regions like AR12178 provide clues to how magnetic reconnection occurs because the energy release is small enough to be able to resolve small bright features.

Keywords: AR Tracking, Limb
Filters: Be_thin

(Prepared by Patricia Jibben)

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