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2015 February 17

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XRT Featured in JAXA's Magazine
XRT was prominently featured with a two-page spread in the New Year's edition of JAXA's, a magazine published by Hinode's lead institution, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. The image text translates to:
Hinode Captures Solar Activity Cycle

     From quiescent to highly dynamic‑The X-Ray Telescope (XRT) aboard the Hinode on-orbit solar observatory has captured yearly variations in the activity of the Sun's corona.
     A series of images of the solar corona for each year from 2008 to 2014 is shown above. The Sun's activity varies following its 11-year activity cycle. The present cycle 24 began in 2008, during which the Sun's activity was at its lowest level in this cycle. While the solar activity reached a maximum in 2013, the Sun continued to maintain its activity in 2014. The two panels shown in the lower part of the two facing pages show the Sun in 2008 and 2014, dramatically illustrating the difference in the Sun's activity.
     XRT is an instrument that observes high temperature plasmas in the solar atmosphere (corona). Temperatures in the corona reach as high as, or even beyond, 1-million ºC. In the images, bright regions are richer in activity, with loop-like threads tracing the magnetic field lines of the Sun.
Image credit: JAXA/NAOJ/NASA
A PDF of the full magazine can be downloaded here, and the original image is posted here.

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JAXA's cover for Jan 1st, 2015

(Prepared by Taro Sakao and Patrick McCauley)

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