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2015 June 23

interaction AR12362 AR12365 AR12367 AR12371

Click on an active region to play a movie. Also available on YouTube.

Four Active Regions

The Hinode X-Ray Telescope observed four very different active regions last week. The largest active region observed was AR12367 and it produced several C-class solar flares. This bipolar sunspot may be large but it had a pretty simple magnetic configuration.

AR12371 rotated onto the east limb last week. This active region was the source of several M-flares causing a major flare watch. This magnetically complicated and high energy active region is now at the perfect location to send us some space weather.

The two active regions on the west limb had almost rotated behind the disk during these observations but the flares were still spectacular.

Keywords: AR Tracking, Flare
Filters: thin_Be

(Prepared by Patricia Jibben)

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