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2015 August 11

Click for movie. High resolution movie available in YouTube.

The Sun in Focus (Mode)

At certain times of the year, usually when XRT goes through its eclipse season (when Earth gets in the way of the sun briefly every orbit), XRT goes into what we call 'focus mode'. This means the XRT chief observer uploads one plan for an entire week of observations.

During one of these weeks, XRT ran a continuous program spanning several days. This observing program took images of the majority of the sun rather than zooming in on a small region of interest, which brought out a lot of large scale structural changes that are ordinarily not observed.

The image above shows 4 of the most interesting features that we observed during the week. See if you can spot them when you watch the movie. (Don't worry, if you miss them, the clips are all shown at the end of the movie). Good Luck!

Keywords: AR Tracking, Focus Mode
Filters: thin_Be

(Prepared by Nicole Schanche)

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