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2016 August 02

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Together, they made the Sun great again! -- Part I

July 2016 was a hot month. It's not about the 3-digit temperatures recorded here and there in the US, nor the heat of the presidential campaign. It's about the Sun.

After a few days of spotless condition, solar activity was elevated in the mid July because of the three neighboring active regions, 12565, 12566, and 12567. The AR 12565 was a solitary region when it appeared from the East limb, but joined by the other two on 14 July. While the AR12566 faded away in a few days, AR12567 grew rapidly to be a good rival of AR12565. This plot shows soft X-ray flux observed by the GOES satellite from 12 to 27 July. All of the officially reported flares above C-class was from the ARs 12565 or 12567. The rivalry between ARs 12565 and 12567 culminated with three M-class flares on 23 July.

A great performance in our living world is often achieved as a result of tough competition. Similarly, these active regions together made the Sun's activity great again!

Keywords: AR Tracking, Flare
Filters: thin-Be

(Prepared by Aki Takeda)

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