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2018 May 01

Hinode XRT Observes the Sun!
Movie available on YouTube.

MinXSS-1 Data consistency with Hinode XRT, GOES XRS, and SDO AIA Observations

The above Figure is a video comparing XRT Be-thin, MinXSS-1, SDO AIA 171 and GOES XRS 1 - 8 data. Top left panel shows the MinXSS-1 X123 derived photon energy flux from photon energies greater than 1 keV at 1 AU (in mks units - W m-2). Also in the top left panel are GOES XRS 1 - 8 energy flux (W m-2), XRT Be-thin (scaled for display purposes) data rate (DN s-1 sr-1), and the SDO AIA 171 (scaled for display purposes) data rate (DN s-1 sr-1). The MinXSS-1 photon spectral flux is displayed in the top right panel. The bottom left panel contains the AIA 171 images and the bottom right the XRT Be-thin images. These data are the closest in time with the Hinode XRT Be-thin full Sun synoptic program (roughly two images per day) over the MinXSS-1 mission. Aside from noisy MinXSS-1 data points, the data trend well with the XRT Be-thin, GOES 1 - 8 flux, and the subtle variations in the AIA 171 data.

To learn more, please read the MinXSS Science Nugget.

Keywords: AIA
Filters: Be-thin, AIA 171

(Prepared by Chris Moore)

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