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Welcome to the website for the "XRT_USERS" email group.

The Email List is located at:

The old web archive (pre-2014) is located at:
The new web archive (post-2013) is located at:

If necessary, the Email List Manager (Kathy Reeves) should be contacted
via the Email List. If you experience technical difficulties or if the list appears
to be not functioning, you should send a notification to the XRT Managers:

INFO for XRT_USERS list:

For discussion of technical issue and submissions of questions about XRT software and hardware by people who do or don't belong to the project.

We welcome all scientists to the list but you must subscribe to the list in order to post to the list.

This email list is set up to support (a) the release of information from the XRT Team to the scientific community; and (b) the mutual correspondence and technical assistance among all scientists interested in XRT (e.g., helping each other with software issues).

If you want to discuss XRT scientific observation planning, then you should instead use the following community email list:

( http://xrt.cfa.harvard.edu/community/xrt_science/)

Simple Usage

First, here is some important background. The XRT lists used to be managed locally at SAO with Majordomo software. In 2013, it was mandated to move these lists to Google Groups. In order to allow subscribers to join the list without being forced to create a Google account, we have identified the procedures below. Members are able to send and receive mail. Unfortunately, the archive of messages older than 2014 must be viewed in a different place than the archive of messages from 2014 onwards.

Here are the basics for using this list.

  • To subscribe to this list:
    • Send an email to the Managers at this address:
    • In the Subject of the email, put "Subscription request for xrt_users".
    • In the body of the email, put your real name and institution.
    • If you want to add a different email address than the one you are using to send the request, then please indicate clearly which address you wish to have added to the xrt_users list.
    • Await the approval of the list-manager.

  • To send email to this list:
    • Just send your email to this address:

      (You should not need to be logged into a Google account in order to send and receive list mail.)

  • To unsubscribe from this list:
    • Send an email to either the list or the Managers at this address:
    • In the Subject of the email, put "Unsubscribe request for xrt_users".
    • Await the approval of the list-manager.

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