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Thermister Temperature & Placement G1 7 days G2 7 days G3 7 days G4 7 days G5 7 days G6 7 days G7 7 days Longterm plots
Key Words Multi-Temperature Plots Temperature
C_TALLY03hr12hr24hr Telescope Tube03hr12hr24hr Telescope Tube +X/-Y +Z end TMP00C03hr12hr24hr
D_ADC_PWR03hr12hr24hr Rear Tube03hr12hr24hr Telescope Tube +Y +Z end TMP01C03hr12hr24hr
D_DOOR_OPEN03hr12hr24hr Center Tube03hr12hr24hr Telescope Tube -X/-Y +Z end TMP02C03hr12hr24hr
D_DOOR_SHUT03hr12hr24hr E-Box03hr12hr24hr Telescope Tube +X -Z end TMP03C03hr12hr24hr
D_FOC_CALIB03hr12hr24hr Mirror03hr12hr24hr Telescope Tube -X -Z end TMP04C03hr12hr24hr
D_FOC_INDEX03hr12hr24hr Mounting feet03hr12hr24hr E-Box PWB TMP05C03hr12hr24hr
D_VL_OPEN03hr12hr24hr Key Words Telescope Tube -Y Mid +Z end TMP06C03hr12hr24hr
D_VL_SHUT03hr12hr24hr P_GND__03hr12hr24hr Telescope Tube -Y Mid +Z end TMP07C03hr12hr24hr
D_VL_OPEN_SW03hr12hr24hr P_M15BV_03hr12hr24hr Telescope Tube -Y, Mid -Z end TMP08C03hr12hr24hr
D_VL_SHUT_SW03hr12hr24hr P_P15BV_03hr12hr24hr Telescope Tube +Y mid -Z end TMP09C03hr12hr24hr
C_C0_STAT03hr12hr24hr P_P280H_03hr12hr24hr Sun Shield TMP10C03hr12hr24hr
C_C0_ACK03hr12hr24hr P_P28IC_03hr12hr24hr Mirror Support -X TMP11C03hr12hr24hr
E_LST_ACT03hr12hr24hr P_P28IV_03hr12hr24hr Mirror Support +X TMP12C03hr12hr24hr
E_LST_ACT_STAT03hr12hr24hr P_P5AV_03hr12hr24hr VLI Housing TMP13C03hr12hr24hr
P_P5BV_03hr12hr24hr VLI Motor Casing TMP14C03hr12hr24hr
S_ODO_FOCUS03hr12hr24hr Mounting Foot -X TMP15C03hr12hr24hr
EC_CD_MODE_03hr12hr24hr S_ODO_FW103hr12hr24hr Mounting Foot +Z TMP16C03hr12hr24hr
EC_EINDEX03hr12hr24hr S_ODO_FW203hr12hr24hr Mounting Foot +Z TMP17C03hr12hr24hr
EC_ID03hr12hr24hr S_ODO_SHUTTER03hr12hr24hr E box XRT-D TMP18C03hr12hr24hr
EC_IMTYPE_03hr12hr24hr S_ODO_VL_SHUTTER03hr12hr24hr Telescope Tube -X -Z end TMP19C03hr12hr24hr
EC_FW103hr12hr24hr S_SOFTWARE_MODE_03hr12hr24hr Telescope Tube +X -Z end TMP20C03hr12hr24hr
EC_FW203hr12hr24hr S_STATUS_MODE_03hr12hr24hr Focus Motor TMP21C03hr12hr24hr
EC_VL_03hr12hr24hr T_LO_CLOCK03hr12hr24hr Shutter Motor TMP22C03hr12hr24hr
E_FOC_POS03hr12hr24hr T_SC_CLOCK03hr12hr24hr Wax Actuator TMP23C03hr12hr24hr