Snapview documentation

This webpage contains "snapviews" for the XRT instrument onboard Hinode.

The snapviews consist of hourly images arranged into daily webpages. Every hourly image contains 3 panels: on the left side, the XRT filters are displayed, and every image is shown as a red vertical tick. Dark images are shown in blue. The bottom plot show the GOES lightcurve (soft channel) in the same time and the RHESSI observation time as a horizontal pink line. The right panel shows the Sun's disk covered by rectangles representing the different field of views of all the XRT images taken during that hour. Links to "VSO Data" allow direct access to the XRT data.

The drop-down menu provide an efficient way to find any observation day by setting the year, month and day. The images are quite large (in pixel-size). While this may require user with small screen resolution to scroll to the right to see the filed of view, this choice was dictated by the desire to have good temporal resolution in the upper panels, in order to avoid overlapping between two successive ticks in one filter.

The data used in constructing the catalog is taken from the XRT catalogs. The "quicklook" snapviews contain the most recent data, the "regular" snapviews are available for the whole mission. The radio buttons on top allow to switch between these. When the page is loaded, the "quicklook" snapviews are selected by default, and the date is set a few days before the current day. When going back to periods set more than about two weeks in the past, the "regular" snapviews should be selected instead.

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