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2012 December 10

Click for full-length movie. Also available on YouTube

Sweeping Active Region Jet

Today's observations show some interesting activity from Active Region 11613 that occurred on the 18th and 19th of September. Streams of plasma originating from the bright (the colors are reversed so the darkest regions have the greatest intensity) central region are seen sweeping from left to right across the field. This action plays out over about 17 hours and is condensed in the animation above; click for the full-length movie. As flux wells up from beneath the surface, the overlying collection of magnetic field lines (arcade) is pushed higher into the corona, where the rising closed loops meet field lines open into space or elsewhere on the sun. This spurs magnetic reconnection between the closed and open fields, allowing plasma to jet out along the open field lines, and a series of these events produces the sweeping motion. A schematic of this model can be found here. And since flux springs continuously during this period (see HMI magnetogram movie), this process happens several times with a few hours between each event.

Keywords: Jet, AR Tracking, Emerging Flux
Filters: Be_thin

(Prepared by Patrick McCauley)

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