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2020 January 02

Image Description
Click for Eclipse movie. Also avaible on Youtube

Post-Christmas Annular Eclipse

On December 26th 2019, the moon passed between Earth and the Sun and produced a solar eclipse. During this eclipse, the moon was slightly further than average from the Earth. The moon appearing slightly smaller in the sky results in an annular or "ring of fire" eclipse where the full face of the sun is not fully obscured by the moon. Additional information on this particular eclipse can be found here.

The above image and movie was created with data taken by XRT. Although the eclipse was only visible along the path traced across the Eastern hemipshere, Hinode's position orbiting Earth allows for the constant visualization of the solar surface. XRT was not in a position to see the full "ring of fire" effect but instead shows the positional relationship of the Sun, the Moon, and the Hinode spacecraft.

Keywords: Eclipse, Full Disk
Filters: Al_Poly

(Prepared by Lucas Guliano and Masumi Shimojo)

The XRT instrument team is comprised of SAO, NASA, JAXA, and NAOJ.

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