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2020 February 21

Solar Cycle 2009-2019
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Solar Cycle 2009-2019

Presenting the XRT Solar Cycle image from the Project for Solar-Terrestial Environment Prediction (PSTEP) poster!

PSTEP is a group of Japanese research projects aiming for space weather predictions and was founded in 2016 by K. Kusano at Nagoya University. We had previosuly posted a XRT solar cycle image, but this is an updated version created by T. Sakurai at NAOJ and used in a PSTEP poster.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, this poster is packed full of scientific information. In addition to our familiar X-ray images, the solar cycle images were also created with magnetic fields, white light, H-alpha, radio, and solar wind data. All of these were observed by Japanese observatories on nearly the same day across almost the entire solar cycle (2009-2019). Additional details can be found by clicking on the image or by clicking here. It's really a masterpiece!

Keywords: Solar Cycle, Full Disk
Filters: Al_mesh

(Prepared by Aki Takeda (MSU) and Takashi Sakurai (NAOJ))

The XRT instrument team is comprised of SAO, NASA, JAXA, and NAOJ.

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