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Fwd: funeral ceremony

(Forwarding this message regarding the funeral ceremony for Kosugi-san to the xrt_science list).  


Begin forwarded message:

From: Loraine Lundquist <llundquist@cfa.harvard.edu>
Date: November 27, 2006 6:36:56 PM JST
Subject: funeral ceremony

Dear all, 

A message regarding remembrance for Kosugi-san is forwarded below.  

I am told that the Hinode group would like to make a combined contribution to the family, rather than separate contributions from each institution.  Sakao-san will arrange this gift.   Based on the info below, individual messages may also be appropriate, as desired.  

We are to let Sakao-san know how much we would like to contribute by tomorrow morning.  The actual money can be collected at some later date.  

I recommend that someone at SAO collect contribution amounts and let me know the total by tomorrow morning JST so that I may communicate it to Sakao-san.  The money can then be gathered by someone at SAO and sent along with Mark and Monica when they arrive next week.  


Begin forwarded message:

From: Kano Ryouhei <ryouhei.kano@nao.ac.jp>
Date: November 27, 2006 5:59:23 PM JST
Subject: funeral ceremony

Dear Loraine san,

 The following information was announced.

 To send a floral tribute by one person, one group or some persons is
one way to express their condolences. Of cource, to send a telegram in
condolence is another way.

 Tomorrow, I will help you if necessary.

If possible, I would like to attend a wake.


  Wake            : Nov.29 18:00-19:00
  Funeral ceremony: Nov.30 12:00-13:30

Place: Aoyama Funeral Home (AOYAMA SOGIJO in japanese)
Minami-Aoyama 2-33-20, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3401-3653

Chief Mourner: Mrs, Kikuko Kosugi

"Tohto Hakuzen-sha" will arrange Floral Tributes.
TEL 03-3812-1411 / FAX 03-5318-0631