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Re: Draft agenda for GMU, 30th to 31st October

At present, we have only a single large room reserved. If 
you need some small rooms, I will have to see what is available.


hwarren wrote:
> Ed,
> I like your agenda. Should we also discuss some of the problems that we run
> into when doing joint XRT/EIS data analysis? I'm thinking of things like
> co-alignment, spacecraft jitter, and temperature response. 
> With regards to your comment on the structure of the meeting, I like the
> idea of having a joint session for the broader topics (e.g., observing
> modes) and small groups for the specific science topics. 
> Best wishes,
> Harry
> PS Anything but raising chickens. My wife's father has taken to raising
> chickens in his retirement. It isn't pretty . . . 
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> |Hi,
> |
> |I have expanded the email list a bit and added some thoughts on XRT/ EIS
> |science in the attached rtf file. I have resent David Williams' draft
> |agenda for the newcomers.
> |
> |I don't know if we can cover the XRT/EIS science in a single day, but I am
> |not in favor of long meetings either. If attendance is large we might
> |create small groups to look at the "AR Loops", "micro-flares" ... and then
> |report back at in the afternoon. Is break-out space a problem?
> |
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