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xrt_co: - Fwd: AGU meeting Hinode presentations


  I am not exactly sure what Alexi is asking for terms of a speaker,  
but for the
movie and images - 10minutes is a lot of time. Let me know your  
for the compelling XRT movies.

I have asked Alexi for clarification about the speaker and about our  
in the booth, like we did at SPD. More later.


Begin forwarded message:

> From: "Pevtsov, Alexei A. (HQ-DA000)" <Alexei.A.Pevtsov@nasa.gov>
> Date: September 27, 2007 11:57:18 AM EDT
> To: "Ted Tarbell" <tarbell@lmsal.com>, "Ed Deluca"  
> <deluca@head.cfa.harvard.edu>, "Doschek, George"  
> <george.doschek@nrl.navy.mil>
> Subject: AGU meeting Hinode presentations
> Dear Ed, George, and Ted:
> NASA is planning to have 15-minute presentations on Hinode  
> instruments overview at the Fall AGU. These 15 minute
> presentations will part of the nine Heliophysics presentations  
> given in the NASA Science Mission Directorate booth over
> the course of three days, December 11-13, 2007.
> Can you suggest the most suitable speakers for these presentations?  
> PowerPoint format is fine, but I will need to know if internet will be
> required.  The presentation schedule will be made once we have   
> commitments from all speakers.  We would need short presentation
> descriptions/abstracts asap to include in advertising materials.
> Also, we have the opportunity to showcase about 10 minutes of  
> Heliophysics highlights on a large display in the conference hall,  
> and we
> would like to include each instrument in that activity as well.   
> Can you suggest the most scientifically compelling movies or stills  
> with
> captions from all three instruments for this display?
> Thanks,
> Alex
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