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Re: [xrt_co:02576] Re: eis_co: xrt_co: EIS Core Team Observations for the Week Beginning 9th November and Beyond

Hi Ed,

All of the proposed observations sounds like some great science will  
come out of it.

I would be interested in #8: Temperature Structure of AR on the  
Limb.  However, for XRT, I would like to have besides the long/short  
pair more filters!  To get a decent thermal structure we need (>7) of  
the  filters.

I would also be interested in #9: Quiet Limb observations.  This  
would be a good calibration point for my study of x-ray luminosity  
related to solar wind at 1AU. XRT would want some deep exposures with  
Al/poly or C/poly possibly Ti/Poly  with a FOV that encompasses the  
limb and off the limb.


On Nov 7, 2007, at 1:37 PM, Ed Deluca wrote:


  The email from Len outlines EIS's plans for the coming
week and initial thoughts on the week of 16-Nov. (I have
attached the files again with a new name for those

  During tonight's/today's operations telecon let's concentrate
on identifying XOB's for the SUMER HOPs. Over the
next few days look at observations 2 - 15. If the observation
is something you would like to work on let me know, and
send be the XOB (or outline of new XOB) you want
run during that observation. I will assume that if
no-one picks an observation XRT it is on low priority
for XRT.

For those on XRT_SCIENCE - let me know which
observations if any are of interest to you, and what
you would like XRT to do during these observations.

If there are XRT observations that need EIS support and
are not on this list - please send me a short description
and I will forward that to the EIS team.



On Nov 7, 2007, at 12:46 PM, Len Culhane wrote:

> PS This version has a small but very significant correction!
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> From: Len Culhane [mailto:jlc@mssl.ucl.ac.uk]
> Sent: 07 November 2007 17:30
> To: eis_co; xrt co
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> Subject: [eis_co:01585] eis_co: xrt_co: EIS Core Team Observations  
> for the
> Week Beginning 9th November and Beyond
> Dear All,
> Here is the EIS Core Plan for the week beginning November 9th and  
> beyond.
> Activity remains very low.
> As agreed at the recent EIS/XRT Science Meeting at GMU, Fairfax, on  
> 31st
> October, this summary is also being distributed to xrt_co.
> Regards
> Len
> <Wk 9th  November_07.doc>
> <Wk 9th  November_07.pdf>