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XRT Observation search tool

I'm happy to announce a search tool constructed by MSU's Sabrina Savage, 
that allows a user to find all instances of an XRT program. I.e., "When 
did we run program number NNNN?"

The tool also allows one to find "What program was running on date X?", 
or "When did XRT make observations in Filter N?", or (my favorite) "When 
did XRT use Filter N *and* Filter M, with field of view F?".

I encourage you to go and try it out.  I've found it very useful for 
discovering, say, which programs use multiple filters for DEMs, and when 
they were included in the timeline.  You can access the tool at


[Linked to MSU's Hinode/XRT webpage as well as SAO's XRT mission-ops 
page too.]