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xrt_co: - Cycle 24 meeting Dec 7-12 '08


  I have been ask to co-lead the microflare/nano-flare working group at
the Napa Solar Cycle 24 meeting

A key aspect of this meeting is to prepare joint observations as we  
the next solar maximum. XRT will need to take a leading role as we have
a unique capability to observe the transition from hot  to super hot   
with high spatial, and temporal resolution.

The microflare/nano-flare group includes coronal loop heating, waves,
jets and small energetic events in the quite sun. There is a wealth  
of XRT
observations of these processes, in addition to the traditional AR  
Please consider preparing presentations on the science that is being  
for this meeting, and come prepared to discuss how we can do a better  
as the sun becomes more active.

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