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Re: [xrt_co:06029] Re: xrt_co: - Draft meeting schedule


I've checked with the HAO person (Amy K.) and she said
a number of conference rooms at HAO are booked for our
meeting needs throughout the conference period (except
for early in morning). If we find all the rooms taken,
we can talk with her to locate other rooms. Or if you
don't mind 10min walk, NWRA/CoRA conference rooms can
be made available, too.

Welcome to Boulder,


Mark Weber wrote:
> Hi, Ed
> Just want to point out that the XRT telecon is at 6:30pm Wednesday in 
> this time zone. So I think we can go to dinner afterwards.
> --Mark
> On Sep 29, 2008, at 6:32 AM, Edward DeLuca wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  Based on the few responses I have recieved let's try the following:
>> Synoptic program meeting - after/during the reception today (monday 
>> 29-sep).
>> Axion program meeting - Wednesday Dinner - I will try to find a 
>> suitable resturant
>> Flare prgram meeting - Friday after the meeting ends.
>> The Axion will be the trickiest to schedule as I'll need to know the 
>> number
>> of people in advance. At present I have the following people interested
>> in this meeting:
>> Hudson, DeLuca, Weber, McKenzie, Farid, Ishibashi, Grigis
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