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Re: Filters Ratio Method

Hello Mr. Shah,

1) I am copying this email to the XRT community. The "XRT_Users" email  
list is for users to help each other with questions like this.


2) There are no modifications necessary when using the apec model.   
The model will give you the telescope response plasmas at different  
temperatures.  You may, if you wish, supply your own DEM for quiet  
sun, etc. and then calculate the modeled telescope response using the  
program xrt_dem2obs.  Please read the documentation carefully.

3) xrt_teem.pro does not currently exist in the SSW tree.


Kathy Reeves

Dr. Katharine Reeves
617-496-7563 (phone)
617-496-7577 (fax)
Solar and Stellar X-ray Group
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

On Apr 14, 2009, at 12:04 PM, meet shah wrote:

> Respected Sir,
> Myself Meet Shah, a software engineer, am developing some solar  
> image processing routines for data analysis. I am trying to develop  
> FILTERS RATIO  for deriving the temperature map of sun using XRT  
> images in IDL.
> The SSWIDL has already a default APEC model in it. But can these  
> APEC model be used for all filters and in all conditions like :  
> quiet sun, active region, solar flare, coronal hole etc .... ??
> What are the parameters that I should vary if I want to use thses  
> APEC model for all the above mentioned sun conditions. Please help  
> me in this context.
> Any help will be greatly appreciated.
> Is the routine XRT_TEEM.PRO publicly available ? I cannot find in my  
> sswidl tree.
> Thanks and Reagrds
> Meet Shah