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xrt_co: Hinode/XRT team meeting: Abstracts Welcomed

	The 2009 Hinode/XRT team meeting will bring together members of the 
Hinode teams and other scientific investigators to discuss technical 
issues of XRT, scientific results, and plans for future observations, 
including collaborations between the three Hinode instruments.  The 
dates of the meeting are June 22 (Technical Discussion) and June 23-24 
(Science Discussion), and the location is the Royal Sonesta Hotel in 
Cambridge, Massachusetts.  This email solicits your abstracts for the 
*Science* Discussion.

	Contributed talks will have 10 minutes for presentation, followed by 5 
minutes for group discussion.  Everyone attending the meeting is 
encouraged to submit an abstract, though the short duration of the 
meeting allows only a limited number of the abstracts to be accepted.

	Please submit your abstract before June 1, via email to 
kreeves@cfa.harvard.edu  Only one abstract per first author will be 

	Additional information will (soon) be found on the meeting website at


	Scientific Organizing Committee
	Kathy Reeves, Terry Forbes, Masumi Shimojo, David McKenzie