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Week of ----- XRT-CO XRT-DV ----- TRACE-Planner
JUL-30 L. Lundquist S.Saar D.McKenzie
AUG-06 L. Lundquist Matsumoto, Kotoku A.Takeda
AUG-13 J-Side D.McKenzie K.Schrijver
AUG-20 B.Ishibashi Y.Su D.English
AUG-27 B.Ishibashi K.Korreck S.Farid
SEP-03 S.Masuda, N.Narukage T.Matsumoto D.Myers
SEP-10 R.Kano L.Lundquist A.Takeda
SEP-17 MSU K.Yosimura T.Winter
SEP-24 MSU E.DeLuca, S.Saar D.English
OCT-01 T.Matsumoto, K.Nishida J.Kotoku S.Farid
OCT-08 K.Nishida M.Weber A.Takeda
OCT-15 S.Farid, K.Reeves S.Savage D.English
OCT-22 P.Grigis, L.Lundquist L.Lundquist D.Myers
OCT-29 M.Shimojo J.Kotoku, R.Kano D.Myers
NOV-05 SAO A.Savcheva D.English
NOV-12 SAO J.Kotoku, N.Narukage D.McKenzie
NOV-19 S.Masuda A.Savcheva T.Winter
NOV-26 R.Kano J.Kotoku, T.Sakao S.Farid
DEC-03 J.Shin D.English A.Takeda
DEC-10 J.Shin K.Yoshimura D.English
DEC-17 J-side S.Farid D.Myers
DEC-24 J-side K.Nishida D.Myers
DEC-31 B.Ishibashi K.Korreck - TBD -
JAN-07 B.Ishibashi K.Yoshimura - TBD -

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