XRT & TRACE Operations --- Duty Roster

To contact either the XRT-CO or the XRT-DV, please send email to this username:
at this address:

To contact the TRACE-Planner, please send email to this username:
at this address:

Week of ----- XRT-CO XRT-DV ----- TRACE-Planner
JAN-08 P. Jibben M. Weber D. Myers
JAN-15 P. Jibben E. DeLuca K. Korreck
JAN-22 J. Cirtain K. Korreck S. Saar
JAN-29 D. McKenzie K. Reeves D. Myers
FEB-05 L. Lundquist M. Bobra D. Myers
FEB-12 T. Bando, T. Sakao, J. Kotoku Y. Su D. McKenzie
FEB-19 J. Kotoku, T. Bando A. Savcheva S. Saar
FEB-26 T. Bando, N. Narukage S. Saar K. Reeves
MAR-05 N. Narukage, J. Kotoku A. Savcheva D. Myers
MAR-12 J. Kotoku, R. Kano K. Korreck A. Savcheva
MAR-19 M. Bobra E. DeLuca T. Jibben
MAR-26 B. Ishibashi P. Jibben A. Takeda
APR-02 T. Sakao Y. Su K. Korreck
APR-09 N. Narukage S. Saar T. Winter
APR-16 R. Kano P. Jibben A. Savcheva
APR-23 K. Reeves K. Korreck M. Bobra
APR-30 S. Savage A. Savcheva T. Winter
MAY-07 B. Ishibashi P. Jibben D. McKenzie
MAY-14 B. Ishibashi E. DeLuca D. Myers
MAY-21 T. Sakao E. DeLuca D. Myers
MAY-28 J. Kotoku - TBD - D. Myers
JUN-04 J. Kotoku, P. Jibben Y. Su A. Takeda
JUN-11 P. Jibben - TBD - M. Bobra
JUN-18 P. Jibben J. Kotoku D. McKenzie
JUN-25 L. Lundquist D. McKenzie A. Savcheva
JUL-02 N. Narukage, M. Shimojo - TBD - A. Takeda
JUL-09 B. Ishibashi A. Savcheva T. Winter
JUL-16 SAO / J-side E. DeLuca P. Jibben
JUL-23 J-Side MSU D. Myers
JUL-30 L. Lundquist S. Saar D. McKenzie
AUG-06 L. Lundquist Matsumoto, Kotoku A. Takeda
AUG-13 J-Side D. McKenzie K. Schrijver
AUG-20 B. Ishibashi Y. Su D. English
AUG-27 B. Ishibashi K. Korreck S. Farid
SEP-03 S. Masuda, N. Narukage T. Matsumoto D. Myers
SEP-10 R. Kano L. Lundquist A. Takeda
SEP-17 MSU K. Yosimura T. Winter
SEP-24 MSU - TBD - D. English

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XRT & TRACE Operations --- Assignments (as of January 2007)



Ed has already made up this schedule through FY 2007, so you know who you are and when you are going to Japan.



This is the Data Verification job we are doing at SAO. This job is continuing to evolve as we get more experience about what works, and as we add more support software. This job is currently done entirely at SAO.

The following SAO people are expected to take turns at XRT-DV:


*** Each person on this list should volunteer 1x every 2 months (retroactive to Jan-01).

(Yes, I have allowed for a little margin.) Of course, we will work around travel and other responsibilities. But if you aren't going to be able to meet this rule, then it is your obligation to point this out and help us ensure the roster is covered. It isn't feasible for one person to be responsible for scheduling the whole roster.



Everyone knows what this job is.

The following people are expected to take turns at TRACE-Planner:


*** (1) These people should volunteer 1x every 4 months (retroactive to Jan-01).

*** (2) These people should volunteer 1x every 3 months (retroactive to Jan-01).

*** (3) Once Antonia's paperwork goes through, we will look to see if it is feasible to shift an extra turn or two of this job onto her.