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2010 January 22

Activity returns to the Sun! (click on each image to see corresponding movie)

Over the past few months the Sun has begun its rise toward a new activity maximum, predicted to occur in about 2013-2015. The XRT observed a beautiful CME on 22 January starting at 13:45UT, erupting toward the SE and unfurling as it propagates outward. TRACE obtained 171A images starting at 13:58UT, showing the rising and twisting filament intertwined with the bright XRT loops. The apparent interleaving of dark absorption features with bright emission features, seen prominently by TRACE, remains a puzzling feature of filament eruptions. There does not seem to be any significant low-corona flare brightening associated with this event.

Keywords: CME, Filament, Loop Expansion, TRACE
Filters: Ti_poly, TRACE/171

(Submitted by L. Golub)

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